Arlo Hotels is pleased to partner with Routinely, the only
on-demand delivery service for premium rental workout essentials

Worried about germs?
Don't, we're total clean freaks

Here's what our customers are saying

  • The convenience of not packing gym clothes goes such a long way. You guys packaged everything really, really nice too!
  • The quality of the items was excellent... I loved how the packaging was clear and clean!
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the bag and packaging. You guys went beyond just the cleanliness of it - it felt like it was brand new!
  • I was blown away by the cleanliness - everything SMELLED so good which was awesome!
  • My Kit looked great! You guys killed it with the plastic sleeve it was in - it makes it feel like it was brand new
  • I thought everything was so clean - first thing I did was try on and smell the shoes and the socks and everything smelled great!